When you bring Deb in, participants will not be meeting a “perfect” speaker. Deb connects with her audiences because she is just like them - perfectly imperfect! Deb arrives early to greet participants ahead of time. She always begins with material designed to set everyone at ease. Known for her sensitivity to the topics and other speakers on the program, Deb has the remarkable ability to tie everything together with respectful humor and genuine appreciation. She is a natural at acknowledging planning committee members, exhibitors and sponsors. She effortlessly weaves the names of award winners or persons being specially recognized into her lyrics and program.

  • Highly personable speaker with a gift for setting others at ease
  • Fresh, respectful personalization of materials and lyrics
  • The flexibility and expertise only an experienced professional can deliver
  • Greater value than you expect
  • An extra set of hands for anything you might need at the time. (Ask her about a vegetable tray in South Dakota or name badge mayhem in Delaware!)
  • Delighted, appreciative participants, personal kudos and exceptional evaluations!
  • "Diva-esque" behavior
  • Inappropriate or disrespectful humor
  • Sing-a-longs
  • Fishnets
  • Last minute surprises

Here are some tools to assist you in making your decision. Never hesitate to contact Deb. She will always ask if you are working with a bureau so you never need to worry about professional protocol. Deb does not work with any bureau or agent who does not support her speaking directly with a potential client at any time. Click here to learn how Deb works with Bureaus and Booking Agents.

Click here to download Deb's informative marketing one sheet for healthcare programs.
Click here to download a marketing one sheet for Women's Well-being Programs.
Click here to download a photograph of Deb suitable for print purposes.
Click here to download a close-up of Deb suitable for print.

Once it is determined that Deb is a match for your needs, (excellent decision!) our office will immediately send a series of documents electronically. These include:

  • A Letter of Agreement
  • Program title and description for
    promotional purposes
  • CE information when applicable

As the event date draws closer or at your convenience and request, Deb will send:

  • Handouts when applicable
  • Program Introductions
  • Updated Travel details

The week of the event Deb will check in for the latest update and to share your pre-event excitement. Typically her materials (props, books, CDs, etc.) are shipped directly to the venue where she will be presenting. These will be clearly labeled for the event. Receipt of the items and where they will be stored is always confirmed before Deb leaves her office. She will call when she arrives so you can cross that concern right off your list .Deb is usually available and willing to help you with any last minute details, so don’t hesitate to ask. She has considerable experience stuffing folders and name badges!





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