Songs for the Unsung Heroes:
Songs for Nurses by a Nurse Deb’s latest recording makes a wonderful gift for any nurse. Some of the songs are hysterically funny and others are tender and poignant. The blend makes a moving tribute to a noble profession. Ask Deb about making these available in bulk orders. The covers can even be specially customized for your event or organization.

Unsung Heroes:
Nurses Never Rest:
Tucked in Tight
With a Little Help From Depends
Nursing Faculty Blues
Manual Garcia
Outside the ICU
Too Much Thinking
PMS Blues
Patient Lament
I Wanted to be Florence Nightingale:
Miracle Song

Hormone Affirming Music and Humor for Women: Think of Deb's music as an "Insanity Intervention for Mothers". These recordings are not songs to soothe the baby or put you to sleep, although there are a few very sweet lullabies in the mix. Instead, this uproariously funny collection of songs about pregnancy, childbirth, and the adjustment to parenthood will have you laughing down your leg! They make great shower gifts. They are also used in childbirth and nursing education classes in at least 6 countries.

Transitions: Hormone Affirming Music and Humor for Women
Originally recorded with childbirth educators in mind, this CD quickly became a favorite with moms everywhere!

Welcome Little One
Labor Medley
Cancel the Page
Childbirth Educator Blues
First Five Minutes of Life
Ice Cubes for You
Tomorrow Lies in the Cradle
On Children

Breasts With A Life of Their Own: More Hormone Affirming Music and Humor for Women
Deb's second CD includes songs about breast feeding, adjusting to motherhood and general songs for busy moms. Most of the tape is humorous, but it does include a very pretty song about losing a pregnancy or child, and also a song about not waiting to appreciate one another.

Breasts With A Life of Their Own
Adopted Child
Mommy Track
Car Pool Time Warp
Maladjusted TV Moms
Streamers in Heaven
Big Legged Woman:
16 Products:
Recovering Craft-a-holic
The Moment Slipped Away




Humor Us: America's Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter
The very funny motivational speaker and magician Brad Montgomery, CSP, invited Deb to submit a chapter for his second in a series of books on humor. It is a collection of wonderful, and of course funny, insights about the importance and value of laughter. Deb’s story is slated to be included on TLC’s new television program, “Ultimate Blunders” debuting in Britain. Read it to believe it! Deb’s chapter is titled: “Using Humor to Turn Embarrassing Moments into Treasured Memories.”

The Princess Principle: Women Helping Women Discover Their Royal Spirit
One of Deb's signature stories, "Beautiful Just As You Are" is included in this heartfelt book of encouragement for women by women. Compiled by national speakers Marilyn Sprague-Smith and Jana High, the book is like a soothing balm for whatever may be irritating you or any woman you know. Each topic provides a touchstone, an opportunity to engage in meaningful reflection in support of a women's adventure into self-discovery and acceptance of her royal birthright - the royal spirit within.

Tucked in Tight - $30
Produced in conjunction with the College of DuPage, this short, elegant video is a poignant and life affirming vignette based on Deb's experiences as a 16-year-old nursing assistant. It sends a simple and direct message about aging that underscores the dignity due our aging population and invests the caregiver's work with dignity and purpose. No one who has seen it has come away without being deeply moved. This stirring DVD (or video format) makes a wonderful nursing retention tool and is ideal to share with families who are facing a decision about care for a loved one. For other nursing education products developed by the College of DuPage, visit

The Wings We Deserve! $5.00 each or 3 for $12.00
Deb's craziest prop has become a much requested gift item! After all we do as women, Deb insists we deserve gold lame' wings on our Maxi Pads.! This "kotex befitting a queen" is packaged in a lovely box with gold tissue, ribbon and a card detailing it's meaning. This is the perfect gag gift for anyone PMS-ing, Perimenopausal, or just plain nuts!

"Beautiful Just as You Are" Size Tag Dividers
$2.50 for 5

Wake up each morning to the message that you are "Beautiful Just As You Are". These circular clothing rack dividers have been inscribed by Deb with the real truth.*

Simply hang the size tag on the rack in your own closet. Each morning when you are dressing, you will be reminded that you are more than a size or a number on a scale ---in fact you are beautiful just as you are.

The tags come packaged in groups of 5. Share them with anyone who needs encouragement. So far, Deb has given just shy of 4,000 of these tags to her audience members and workshop participants!

* Ask Deb about inscribing the back side of the tag in reference to your event or organization. A positive way to stay in touch with attendees on a daily basis!

Nursing Treasure Boxes $15.00
8X10 box with photo frame cover. Closes with a ribbon. Perfect for keeping thank you cards and other nursing mementos. Insert a photo of yourself, choose from a sample below, or ask Deb about customizing the box especially for your event or organization. This makes a lovely gift for any nurse.







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