Recruiting and retaining even one nurse costs upwards of $40,000.00. A quarter page ad in a nursing publication can $10,000.00. Deb routinely hears from nurses who were considering a career change until they were uplifted by her message. Retaining just one nurse equals a huge return on investment!

Deb knows first hand the demands of being a nurse. That’s why healthcare professionals immediately relate to her songs, stories and humor. Her presentations help caregivers re-connect with and stay true to the core convictions that brought them into the healthcare field. Deb’s personal philosophy and programs are especially encouraging during the arduous process of meeting Magnet Recognition Program™ objectives.

(Programs can be adapted for any healthcare discipline or combination of disciplines) Whether you are battling attrition and the chronic nursing shortage, or seeking to recognize and reward resiliency, Deb’s programs will lift the spirits of every attendee.

  • Lighten Up and Look Ahead: Songs, Stories and Humor Celebrating the Best in YOU!
  • Songs for the Unsung Heroes: Nursing Heroines, Heroic Acts, and History (Ask Deb about her nursing antique collection and hands-on display)
  • Going for Brilliance! Keeping Spirits Bright During (or after completing) the Magnet Status Process

Heroic Acts in Humble Shoes Americas Nurses Tell Their Stories by Irene Stemler, BSN.

Everyone knows that in order to have healthy communities, families, and patients we need healthy nurses, yet there is chasm between what nurses know and do for others, and what they apply to themselves. With a gentle delivery, Deb helps caregivers bridge that divide so they feel worthy of the same love and compassion they share with others day in and day out.

  • Annie, Annie Are you OK? Stress Busters and Morale Boosters for Caregivers

Studies indicate that interpersonal conflict, often with managers, is the most common reason employees leave their jobs. This program helps participants understand that difficult co-workers are not lying awake at night planning ways to annoy them! Fun, interactive and solution oriented, best describes this choice.

  • Who's Hoarding the Linens? ~ A Personality Primer for Dealing with Difficult People

For the first time in history, four generations of trained nurses are practicing along side one another. This presentation fosters understanding, and suggests concrete ways we can be mutually accepting, appreciative, and gracious towards one another in (and out of) the workplace.

  • "Oh No! I Forgot To Starch My Hat. Oh No! I Forgot to Cover My Navel" ~ Bridging Intergenerational Differences in the Workplace

This program covers the latest evidence based information from the fast growing fields of psychoneuroimmunology and therapeutic humor. You don’t need to be Patch Adams in order to bring more joy and laughter to those you care about as well as those you care for.

Is Laughter the Best Medicine? You bet! ~ How Humor And Laughter Are Beneficial Personally & Professionally


  • Spice It Up! Adding Humor and Music to Your Lectures
  • What's So Funny About Nursing School?

  • It's All in the Delivery: OB nurse Tell All!


When you leave any of Deb's programs, you actually leave healthier than when you arrived.

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