Deb has been a champion and advocate for women as long as she can remember. She has served on the boards of several funding organizations providing assistance to women and their families. She has a rich history of entertaining at numerous rallies in the Chicago area as well as nationally. Deb brought the house down at the National Wellness Conference with her rendition of "Big Legged Woman." Audiences appreciate her personable, down to earth demeanor and the way she draws participants in by not setting herself apart.


Deb customizes songs and creates cartoons for all aspects of care for women. From incontinency and heart disease to the dis-ease of being overcommitted and out of balance in general, Deb makes an immediate connection with participants. They leave feeling better about themselves (just as they are) and feeling better about their ability to put what they learn into action.

  • Stretchmarks to Laughlines: A Woman’s Journey to Her Own Heart (Easily modified for heart healthy events)
  • Midlife Milestones ~ Songs, Stories, and Humor Celebrating Our Journey as Women
  • The Wrinkles We Wear and Stories We Share ~ Aging Gratefully

Includes the latest information about the diet "industry" and growing research on non-dieting approaches to healthy living for people of all sizes and shapes.

  • As Long as Your Net Carbs Aren't Greater Than Your IQ, You Are Probably OK!

With a gentle delivery, Deb helps caregivers feel worthy of the same love they share with others day in and day out.

  • Are You Pouring From an Empty Pitcher?

Are there people in your life who drive you crazy? Conflict with others leads to stress and stress related illnesses. This program helps participants understand that "difficult people" are not lying awake at night planning ways to annoy them! Fun, interactive and solution oriented, best describes this choice.

  • The People on the Bus Go Up and Down ~ A Personality Primer for Dealing with Difficult People

People are living longer and healthier lives than ever before. The good news is seeing four generations working and playing along side one another. The bad news is seeing four generations working and playing along side one another! This presentation helps participants better understand the factors that lead to generational misunderstanding and offers concrete ways we can be more mutually accepting, appreciative, and gracious towards one another.

  • "Whaaasssup?" to "Giddy-up" ~ Understanding and Appreciating Intergenerational Differences

From small cancer and other support groups, to thousands participating in the Avon 3 Day Marches, Deb’s songs and  stories are hope and humor filled. It feels so good to laugh.

  • Celebrating the Spirit


Light and uplifting, this program incorporates songs and images of women throughout history. Always enjoyable, but especially in demand during Women's History Month in March.

  • What Can I Learn From You? Writing Women Back into History.

Focusing on the strength of survivors, this program shines hope-filled, positive light on a painful subject. Deb's song, You Deserve a Safe Home is featured in Domestic Violence: Violence Against Women, a multimedia program developed for healthcare organizations. 

  • Yes Means Yes
  • Taking Back the Night

This program covers the latest evidence based information from the fast growing fields of mind body connection and therapeutic humor.

  • Is Laughter the Best Medicine? You bet! ~ How Humor And Laughter Are Beneficial Personally & Professionally
  • Lighten Up and Look Ahead ~ Songs, Stories, and Humor Celebrating YOU


When you leave any of Deb's programs, you actually leave healthier than when you arrived and more confident about your ability to put into action what you've learned.

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